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Temperature and humidity transmitter SHT20 RS485 sensor high-precision monitoring Modbus RTU Protocol XY-MD02

The product adopts industrial grade chip, high-precision imported SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor to ensure the excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the product. Using RS485 hardware interface (with lightning protection design), the protocol layer is compatible with standard industrial Modbus-Rtu protocol. This product integrates the MODBUS protocol and the common protocol. The user can choose the communication protocol. The common protocol has an automatic upload function (connecting RS485 through the serial port adjustment tool will automatically output temperature and humidity).


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1>.Support MODBUS RTU protocol

2>.RS485 supports 1000 meters communication

3>.Standard DIN35 mounting rails

4>.High precision

5>.Industrial products, high progress SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor, the RS485 communication

6>.Standard MODBUS protocol and ordinary protocol, the user can choose communication protocol

7>.Baud rate can decide for themselves

8>.General agreement with automatic upload function, upload speed can decide for themselves




1>.Product Name:Modbus RTU RS485 SHT20 Temperature Humidity Transmitter

2>.Product Number:XY-MD02

3>.Working Voltage:DC 5V~30V

4>.Output signal:RS485 signal

5>.Communication protocol:Modbus RTU and ordinary protocol

6>.Communication address:1~247(default 1)

7>.Temperature Range:-40℃~60℃

8>.Temperature Precision:+/-0.5℃

9>.Temperature Resolution:0.1℃

10>.Humidity Range:0%RH~80%RH

11>.Humidity Precision:+/-3%RH

12>.Humidity Resolution:0.1%RH


14>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃

15>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH



4.Using Steps:


1>.Connect signal receiver such as for to RS485 terminal.

2>.Input power supply at power terminal.

3>.According to the acquired data, the data is processed differently according to actual needs.




1>.Users need to prepare their own ModBus debugging tool and RS485 debugger.

2>.Users needs to complete write code according to the communication protocol and commands if using the controller to receive data.




1>.Factory Detect

2>.Equipment box Detect

3>.Environmental test

4>.Home security




1>.1pc Modbus RTU RS485 SHT20 Temperature Humidity Transmitter;

8.Details pictures:


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