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Lithium Ion Battery Packs

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Now you can buy lithium ion battery accumulators in Srilanka with 2 year warranty from LK-TRONICS. Please click the below link to download the product brochure. Products are available for 24Ah ,30Ah ,50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah ,200Ah capacities. Charging curves also attached.


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Now you can buy lithium ion battery packs in Srilanka with 2 year warranty from LK-TRONICS. Buy lithium ion battery packs Srilanka instead of lead-acid batteries will save money while saving the charging cycle.

This product is ideal for solar off-grid systems.

Click on the below link to download the catalog for a full range of lithium battery packs. The catalog includes charging and discharging curves for reference.

The bellow models will be available for your reference.

  •  24Amph
  • 30Amph
  • 50Amph
  • 100Amph
  • 150Amph
  • 2oo Amph.

This lithium-ion accumulator designed to work by 12v. An automatic battery management system is embedded inside the battery pack. So no need to worry about battery management separate circuits.

Using a lithium-ion battery will ensure safety while preventing explosion conditions and overcharging. Because the battery management system will check the temperature of the battery cells to prevent battery overheat and explosion.

Wide Range of products available for you to choose and according to the requirement. Electrical enthusiasts and industrial solar system developers will invite to come with us to join and uplift renewable energy in Sri Lanka.  Customization of Battery Pack will be undertake only for large orders.

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